Security Systems

The alarm systems are usually composed of a central unit, a keyboard, acoustic and / or optical warning devices and finally a certain number of detectors depending on the dwelling.

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Thank you for visiting the best specialized store only in the sale of security systems or alarms without quotas with the best value in the market. So much for your home or home, as for your office or small business.

Here you will find products easy to use and install. Our security systems, such as surveillance IP cameras, are self-installing without any work. In addition, they are fundamentally wireless so you will not have to worry about annoying cables.

We have a complete range of cameras and alarms of all kinds to cover virtually any eventuality: intrusion, anti-catastrophe (water, gas or fire leaks). And we detect the intrusions by the most diverse types of sensors, detectors or security lights: normal movement, movement with triple technology, infrared barriers, sensors of opening of doors or windows, sensors of vibration or seismic, of break of crystals, etc. Both inside the home or installation as well as outside to have early warnings.

After the installation of your alarm, we will keep a constant and personalized control of your home or business from our Central Alarm and Security installation. Our team of professionals will be connected to your alarm 24 hours a day, every day of the year. Galaktika has everything you need to make you feel protected. security systems, cabling, radio, security cameras, fire extinguishing and everything necessary to feel protected. Installation of alarms and security cameras in barcelona we have service 24h / 365 days a year.

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